Back in the Summer Swing

Hello friends!

I’ve been gone for a few weeks and it’s been too long. Between finishing my last week of  finals EVER, celebrating the end of college, graduating, and being ill/recovering from a small surgery … I’ve been so so busy. I’ve been lacking on my blogger duties big time! 

However, now it is summer, and that means lots of new blog posts to share! If you know me you know I love heat and I’m a true “July baby.” Theres nothing like waking up to a warm summer breeze coming through my windows, eating breakfast on the porch, and picking fresh flowers whenever my little heart desires. What can I say, I have a perpetual crush on summer. 

To welcome summer, on one of the first very hot days in upstate New York, I celebrated with a pair of shades and a new dress. (Obviously)

This outfit is perfect for any casual occasion  and talk about comfy… which is my most important thing on my style checklist. If you are uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable and then chances are that everyone will see it written all over your face. So be comfy and be happy.

The dress looks like denim but it’s actually a very light cotton material, that is much more breathable than denim is. (And breathable is important on 85 degree days) You can purchase a very similar dress here.

The boots are Dolce Vita, which may arguably be some of the best boots anyone can purchase. Nordstrom rack always sells Dolce Vita shoes and normally for half the price. So understandably, I couldn’t leave the store without them. Not to mention, they pass the “comfy” test. I wore them all day at work and then afterwards for hours and my feet didn’t hurt at all! These are a all year boot, wear them with a dress or with jeans and a sweater. You can’t go wrong. Get your own pair here

As for the tote, I consider it a family member because I have a hard time going anywhere without it. I got it a few years ago from Levi’s and it’s the best quality leather tote I have ever found. If you don’t already trust any and all of Levi’s products, today is the day to start.

The neck scarf is from the holy grail of stores. By that I mean, J. Crew. My favorite store where I have never found an item I didn’t like. Surprising, I know. Check out my post from about a month ago on neck scarfs to learn more about how I use them in my outfits or get your own here.

Finally, I always bring a jacket with me because I am always cold and restaurants/offices are generally -5 degrees. So to solve my problem, I paired a light military green utility jacket with this particular outfit. Mixing different fabrics can really make an outfit that much more interesting without going overboard. To get one of your own, click here.

Keep an eye out for more blogs coming next week!





Neck Scarves & Loafers

Neckties and Loafers are a season trend and I am jumping right on the bandwagon. My loafers are from Lands End and they are SO comfortable. Not only are they leather, but they have a padded insole for walking around at work and running errands all day!

My loafers are from Lands End and they are SO comfortable. Not only are they leather, but they have a padded insole for walking around at work and running errands all day! ALSO, they are currently on sale at Lands End for only $60! Check them out here to get a pair of your own.

As for my neck scarf, this is one of many in my collection. They are perfect to tie around a tote or purse for a pop of color, easy to throw in your hair for those windy days, and a perfect replacement for a statement necklace. Mine is currently available at J. Crew and they have some of the cutest patterns! Not to mention, the scarves are also on sale right now for a total steal! Get one of your own here!

Here are some places where you can pick up some of my other favorite neck scarves and loafers!


  1. J. Crew Factory – Printed Bandana (aka neck scarf/hair tie/bag accessory)
  2. ASOS – Paisley Bandana
  3. Urban Outfitters – Patchwork Mini Square Scarf


  1. Urban Outfitters –  Bass Weejun Whitney Loafer
  2. Clarks – Keesha Luca Dusty Pink Lizard Leather
  3. Aldo – Abbatha Navy Loafer

Xo, Alicia


Warming up to Spring: Sporty & Casual


Finally, warmer weather in Upstate New York.

Now, that doesn’t mean anything above 55 degrees, but for those who have been suffering the winter of the north-east… 55 is pretty nice…

When I’m not working, I tend to dress pretty casually and I love a comfortable outfit that can work for going to class, going to a quick meeting, running errands or grabbing a bit to eat.

This outfit is the epitome of what comfortable spring style looks like to me. A dark pair of jeans with a soft jersey knit tee shirt and some comfortable sneakers is my go-to for days like this.

 Popular for this spring season is a sporty look with comfortable pieces that can be stylish at the same time.

Keep reading to find out what pieces I am wearing and where to find them….

FullSizeRender 25

 First, to address this denim/leather bomber jacket. Not only are bombers totally in right now but purchasing a jacket that is made of more than one fabric or texture can really add to any outfit. Find one like mine here.

FullSizeRender 33

Second, my super comfy Old Navy long sleeve tunic. I don’t have to say much about this essential wardrobe item. Old Navy’s long and short sleeve tee’s are some of my favorite. They are not only incredibly soft but they keep their shape and are very flattering. I’m a big fan of stripes so, I definitely couldn’t leave the store without this item. Old Navy 100% got it right when they created this tee. It is the perfect amount of stretch matched with a perfect length for jeans, leggings, or to even be tucked into trousers. To get this top, click here.

FullSizeRender 30

Third, the shoes. Leather slip on sneakers are on of the shoes on trend for the year. You can basically find them in any store and they add a subtle touch of chic to any casual outfit. The most important I MUST stress…be careful when buying leather sneakers! If they do not fit you perfectly, you could run into some very painful heels halfway into your first wear. Make sure you invest in a great shoe with support that fit you just right. This way, you can wear these all day regardless of how much you are walking. To get my shoes, click here.


Fourth, the jeans. Arguably my favorite part of any outfit. I LOVE JEANS. This pair of dark denim skinny jeans is one of my favorites that I own and it’s probably because they are comfy and never, EVER lose their shape. No surprise, they were made by Gap. Gap is the maker of some of my favorite jeans (aka I am a jean hoarder/own too many pairs) and I’m certainly not the only one who feels this way. If you invest in a pair of jeans that fit you comfortably and are from gap, I guarantee you will not regret it. To score these great pants, click here.

FullSizeRender 34

Finally, the accessories. I’ve said before that I rarely sport a lot of jewelry but I LOVE rings. Normally, I wear a few Pandora rings, which are my favorite and you can shop here. But the thumb ring I am wearing here is from Alex & Ani. I have always been a fan of their jewelry but their new collection of numerology rings are certainly my favorite by far. They do not tarnish and they are adjustable to your size, so what could be better?! Plus it’s fun to learn a little bit about numerology while finding out about what number represents you. To shop this collection from Alex & Ani, click here.

AND for my leather card holder, which is super convenient when I don’t want to carry a wallet or bag, is a DIY project of mine. I’ve always loved sewing things by hand and I’ve especially always loved leather goods, so recently I decided to take initiative and do something I have always wanted to do. Quality leather goods are also important to me, so being able to make something for myself, make sure it was well made and would last through years of use was rewarding. (considering starting a store of handmade small leather goods on Etsy……)

Thanks for reading!

Xo,  Alicia


Welcome Spring: An Ode to a New Pair of “Mom Jeans”

FullSizeRender 25

Happy Day!

 Or happy season, I should say. Why is that? Because it is officially spring and coming from someone who lives in Upstate New York, I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the season that warms everything and what winter has touched, starts to thaw.

The highest temperature in New York’s Capital Region for the week is 50, but if the sun gets bright enough on days over 40, that might mean rolling a window or two down.

FullSizeRender 28

Sadly, I couldn’t welcome spring with a true “spring” outfit but as the warmer weather nears… the layers I put on in the morning, must decrease. Waking up on the first day of spring with the remnants of 2 feet of snow from the past week on the ground isn’t ideal, but with the sounds of birds chirping and a chance to put on some new sunglasses, it wasn’t the worst way to start a day where I have a full schedule and will be running around from work to classes until 9 p.m.

Jeans: I normally like to start my outfits with a piece to build the rest around, so today I chose my new Garage Clothing jeans. Garage, the Canadian outfitter, who has made their way into American malls, isn’t necessarily known for their jeans but I can stand by them and say that its one of the comfiest pairs of denim jeans I’ve ever worn. Not to mention, THANK GOODNESS, vintage jeans are on their way back to fame. No wonder why so many decades were filled with classic high waisted, high-quality jeans. there is a small list of things better than a pair of jeans that don’t lose their shape and are comfortable at the same time. I have to admit, I laughed a bit when I realized they are calling their new style of jeans, “mom jeans” because I promise you won’t feel like a mom in these. If these jeans represent how moms feel in their jeans, then moms are even more fabulous than I had thought. You can shop the collection of jeans here.

FullSizeRender 27

Top: My top is also one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. A classic button up that can dressed up or down is a closet must have that I swear by. A white button up or even one with a little pattern or design can change a boring sweater into a chic statement on a cold day or make a mini-skirt a little more conservative and perfect for work. This particular button-up from my large collection is from H&M. You can shop the look here.

Trench coat: I think that a tan trench coat is another closet must have. You can literally pair a trench coat with everything and I promise it will make most outfits a little more clean and crisp than before you put it on. But, investing in a good trenchcoat is also crucial. The maker of the most popular trench coats in the world, Burberry, doesn’t make them expensive and over $1000 for just any reason. A good trench coat takes a little bit of extra material that can keep you warm when necessary but also needs to be breathable for warm spring days. A good trench coat is so important to me that it really deserves its own post. (maybe coming soon…) But in the meantime, if you’re looking for a trench coat that’s tested and approves and won’t empty your bank account, go here.

FullSizeRender 29

FullSizeRender 24

Accessories: Now, for arguably the most important part…. the accessories. For this outfit and many other outfits of mine, I find it important to accessorize in a way that’s comfortable for you. I’m not a person who wears a lot of costume jewelry or wears anything on the regular that makes a big statement on its own. Putting different materials togeather is my favorite way to accessorize, this way it keeps it simple but still, personalizes to the look that you are trying to achieve.

So….. The boots are suede. The bag is (faux) leather and suede (AND I found it at Forever 21 for $6.99, which essentially means I couldn’t leave it on the shelf) so they compliment each other without getting too complicated. After all, it may have been the first day of Spring but it was also a Monday.

To get accessories like ↑ this ↑ click on the links here → → 1. Shoes 2. Bag 3. Sunglasses

FullSizeRender 30

FullSizeRender 26

So even if it is a Monday and you don’t feel like accessorizing (or getting out of bed), skip picking out jewelry and play with some different fabrics and/or materials instead.