Back in the Summer Swing

Hello friends!

I’ve been gone for a few weeks and it’s been too long. Between finishing my last week of  finals EVER, celebrating the end of college, graduating, and being ill/recovering from a small surgery … I’ve been so so busy. I’ve been lacking on my blogger duties big time! 

However, now it is summer, and that means lots of new blog posts to share! If you know me you know I love heat and I’m a true “July baby.” Theres nothing like waking up to a warm summer breeze coming through my windows, eating breakfast on the porch, and picking fresh flowers whenever my little heart desires. What can I say, I have a perpetual crush on summer. 

To welcome summer, on one of the first very hot days in upstate New York, I celebrated with a pair of shades and a new dress. (Obviously)

This outfit is perfect for any casual occasion  and talk about comfy… which is my most important thing on my style checklist. If you are uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable and then chances are that everyone will see it written all over your face. So be comfy and be happy.

The dress looks like denim but it’s actually a very light cotton material, that is much more breathable than denim is. (And breathable is important on 85 degree days) You can purchase a very similar dress here.

The boots are Dolce Vita, which may arguably be some of the best boots anyone can purchase. Nordstrom rack always sells Dolce Vita shoes and normally for half the price. So understandably, I couldn’t leave the store without them. Not to mention, they pass the “comfy” test. I wore them all day at work and then afterwards for hours and my feet didn’t hurt at all! These are a all year boot, wear them with a dress or with jeans and a sweater. You can’t go wrong. Get your own pair here

As for the tote, I consider it a family member because I have a hard time going anywhere without it. I got it a few years ago from Levi’s and it’s the best quality leather tote I have ever found. If you don’t already trust any and all of Levi’s products, today is the day to start.

The neck scarf is from the holy grail of stores. By that I mean, J. Crew. My favorite store where I have never found an item I didn’t like. Surprising, I know. Check out my post from about a month ago on neck scarfs to learn more about how I use them in my outfits or get your own here.

Finally, I always bring a jacket with me because I am always cold and restaurants/offices are generally -5 degrees. So to solve my problem, I paired a light military green utility jacket with this particular outfit. Mixing different fabrics can really make an outfit that much more interesting without going overboard. To get one of your own, click here.

Keep an eye out for more blogs coming next week!





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