Redecorating & Recoloring: A SERIOUS Spring Cleaning

My bedroom has been hot pink for the last 7 years…. and I’m not sure how I lasted that long. It is safe to say that the hot pink is long gone and my room is NEW & IMPROVED!!

I’m not sure when someone thinks of me and a color, their first pick would be hot pink. However, my style and eye for color had not yet “evolved.” BUT, thank goodness it finally did.

I have a serious adoration for lifestyle magazines like Country Living and Southern Living, especially for their home design features as well as an obsession with Fixer Upper/all things designed by Joanna Gaines. (I mean who isn’t?)

So, this time around, I wasn’t planning on making any mistakes again with the color and the overall theme of my room. I had a clear idea of what my plan was, continue reading below to see my tips for redecorating your room and how to make it a sanctuary of your own.

  1. Pick a theme! Personally, I knew I wanted my bedroom to have an “earthy” yet clean look. I also knew I wanted to incorporate a linen look to my room, meaning that there would be minimal colors. But, if you want to add pops of color to your room, I would suggest doing that with furniture, decor, and bedding. Don’t choose one color as your theme, it will get very overwhelming, very quickly.
  2. Find a cool and calm color that will bring lots of light into your room. The color I chose for my room is called “fall chill” and it is a color available at most Lowes through Olympic Paints. It is in the color family of “grey” but it is bright while still muted. It shows many different tones including the lighest lavender color as well as a soft cream color.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.55.28 PM.png

    The family of  “grey” paints from Olympic. Fall Chill is the second color down from the top left.


  3.  Find a bedding set that compliments the color of your room but also gives your room the look that you are trying to achieve. As I mentioned before, I wanted to keep my room very calm and I did that using the color of my bedding and coordinating it with my walls. You can also use a pop of color in your bedding. Instead of going bold with your walls, go bold with throw pillows and your comforter. I found my bedding set at Homegoods, which I found had the best quality at the best price. (Shoutout to Homegoods for always being number 1!)
  4. Finally, clean up your furniture and get some accent/wall decor to put the final touches on your new personal sanctuary. After finishing my walls and finding bedding to add on to the look of my room, finding curtains and an accent lamp was easy! However, try to put personal touches on your space as well that won’t just make it look good but it will make you feel good! My favorite little things to make a room more “homey” and bright are flowers arrangements and stacks of books/magazines. (as you can see in the picture, my personal bible aka Country Living Magazine is accompanied by my other favorite item, a fresh arrangement of flowers. Here are some accent items from Target that I added to my room: (because Target has everything, like Homegoods, so why even go anywhere else?)
    1.  Target – Windsor Light Blocking Curtain Panel – Eclipse™ (color: cream)
    2.  Target – Hayes Collection Stick Lamp – Threshold™
    3.  Target – Large Cream Textured Linen Shade – Threshold™

Xo,  Alicia



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