Cozy Fall Sundays


When getting out of bed at all on a Sunday there is one goal. Coziness. – Now, when some of you think coziness, you think sweatpants and that big sweatshirt you have owned for as long as you can remember. However… when going out in public and seeing more than just your closest friends and family members, I wouldnt suggest the baggy look. (unless you just deserve not to get dressed for some reason – then rock those sweatpants the best you know how.)

For me, coziness while functioning properly on a Sunday means something loose, warm but still stylish and today I went for just that; all while trying out two of my knew favorite pieces to my collection. My new boots and bag. Both leather.(OBVIOUSLY)

The boots are from a company out of the U.K that has an amazing collection of shoes, called Office: London. Good leather boots will last for more than just one season. To get mine visit here.

As for my bag, I am in love….There is something about a woman with a new purse and it is an odd phenomena to explain but it’s a real thing. To get a bag like mine, visit here.

For the rest of the outfit, I paired a royal blue knit sweater with American Eagle high waisted ripped jeans (aka the comfiest jeans I have ever owned).

Have a cozy rest of your Sunday!


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