Lenny and Eva jewelry at 25 Silver Boutique 

The jewelry I wear on my wrist is very important to my everyday look, normally I stick to just my fossil watch and maybe one bracelet. However, lately I have found new unique pieces to wear everyday.

Meet Lenny and Eva. The new must have jewelry brand.

In the midst of a crazy week of homework and papers at Siena college, I was fortunate enough to be invited by 25 Silver Boutique, to a jewelry party featuring the brand Lenny and Eva. If you don’t know about them, 25 Silver Boutique is a locally owned Boutique that holds many different brands and a store I hardly pass by without going in. Local businesses are some of my favorite businesses especially because of their uniqueness and their genuinity towards their community. Not only do they feature Lenny and Eva jewelry in their stores but they have several other brands like some of my personal favorites; Alex and Ani, Bering,Vera Bradley, Chamilia, Lokai, and of course, Fossil.

Something I find necessary in a favorite store of mine is their broad selection and 25 Silver boutique has different styles suitable for any woman you know.

25 Silver boutique is one of these incredible local businesses. They have 8 locations, 7 of them being in the upstate area. I highly encourage you and your fashion forward friends to visit one of their locations and I promise you won’t be able to leave without buying something.Locations

As for Lenny and Eva…

I had never heard of Lenny and Eva jewelry prior to the unveiling of the new collection at this local boutique but, I wish I had! 25 Silver Boutique’s Wilton Location has an amazing display of everything Lenny and Eva’s collection has to offer.

My favorite thing about the Lenny and Eva collection is the personal aspect of it. A lot of fashion and style today is about being able to make the item personal to you and to be unique, and that’s exactly what the Lenny and Eva brand provides. There are several different bracelets, necklaces and “sentiments” to personalize to your own life and style.

The pictures below show the type of pieces within the collection and particularly the bracelets, necklaces, sentiments and charms available at the Wilton 25 Silver Boutique location.

Visit 25 Silver Boutique’s website Head over to your nearest 25 Silver Boutique and while there the wonderful 25 Silver Boutique employees to show you how to make your own fabulous Lenny and Eva piece, they are so helpful and fun! (as seen in the picture above, the awesome regional manager, Meaghan White, helping some customers pick out their own Lenny and Eva pieces!)




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